A Bibliography of the Story-Related Materials I'm Reading and Monitoring

This Bibliography Also Provides References for My Story Synthesis.

Primary Seminar References (Telling Stories Seminar, June 2005)

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    Supplemental Seminar References (Telling Stories Seminar, June 2005)

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    References about Blogs

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    References about Writing-to-Learn/Blogging-to-Learn/Storytelling-to-Learn

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    References about Intersections among Blogging, Journaling, and Storytelling

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    References about Journaling

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    Storytelling-related Blogs

  • Storytelling blog

  • Storytelling on the Page and Off It

  • Storyteller's World

  • Multimedia Storytelling: Joe Weiss

  • Only Connect

  • PHD Web Logs

  • Leaders' Guide to Storytelling

    Works Recommended by Seminar Learners/Conveners

  • A Language Other Than Words, Derrick Jensen

  • Metaphors We Live By, Lakoff Johnson

  • Manmade Language, Dale Spender

  • How to Suppress Women's Writing, Joanna Russ

  • The Power of Liberating Scholarly Writing: Personal Narrative, Robert Nash

  • The Act of Creation, Koestler

  • Once Upon a Midlife, Chimen

  • Eva Luna, "Two Words," Isabel Allende

  • The Kite Flyer

    Recommended on WorkingStories list

  • Thinking in Story: Preaching in a Post-Literate Age, Richard A. Jensen

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