Early-Bird Pricing Ends When March Ends for Reinvention Summit

I want to give you an idea about just how incredibly content-rich we can expect next month’s Reinvention Summit to be.

During the 2010 Summit, I covered on this blog just 6 of many sessions offered. But as you can see from the links below, I learned so much, was inundated with so many ideas, and got so energized that I cannot even begin to describe the value the event imparted.

The April 16-20 event is described as An Online Conference for Storytelling in the Digital Age, but it’s about so much more than storytelling. Interested in self-actualization? Your authentic identity? Branding yourself and your business? Being on the cutting edge of social messaging? If you want all that and so much more, this conference is for you.

This virtual conference features some heavy-hitters — Robert McKee, Rohit Barghava, Jeff Gomez, Jim Signorelli, and more. I’m already planning which sessions I want to be sure to “attend” and cover.

One of the very best parts unfolds spontaneously during the event — conversation among the attendees, who form an amazing bond, and whose wisdom, generosity, and sharing extends the value of every session.

I encourage you to check out my posts from the 2010 Summit just to bask in the richness of the event and get an idea of what you can expect:

Reinvention Summit 2

If you decide you’d like a piece of this action, register now, because early-bird pricing ($197 vs. $297) goes away after Saturday, the 31st.