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Organizational storytelling, also known as business narrative, was my entry point into applied storytelling, and I encountered many of the links below while researching my dissertation. These links mostly represent organizational storytelling practitioners and links about organizational storytelling.

See also my curation of organizational storytelling, business narrative, career storytelling, and job-search storytelling using Scoop-it. You can see the curation here or in the widget embedded below:

  • AHIMSA Media: Creative production company that specializes in telling stories across platforms for brand marketing and traditional media.
  • andassociates: Agency that makes communications more effective.
  • Anecdote: Australian consulting firm that helps leaders create and communicate strategic clarity by turning their business strategy into a story that can be told and understood by everyone in the company.
  • Annette Simmons’ Group Process Consulting: Site of author, speaker, and organizational-storytelling pioneer Annette Simmons and her consulting firm. Annette participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Big Words Scare Me: The “story-engineering” agency.
  • Center for Narrative Studies: Dedicated to working with present and future leaders training them to become “storywise.”
  • Corporate Storyteller: Evelyn Clark, The Corporate Storyteller, who can help leaders and team sharpen communication skills. Evelyn participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Corporate Storytelling: Daryll Bellingham’s site on corporate and promotional storytelling.
  • David Boje: Massive site with links to many auxiliary sites of Dr. David Boje, scholar in storytelling in organizations.
  • David M. Armstrong: Site of the late author.
  • Dreaming Methods: Fusion of writing and new media exploring imaginary memories and dream-inspired states.
  • Stories and Storytelling: Resources about the art of storytelling, as well as numerous inspirational success stories of public-sector leadership.
  • Gurteen Knowledge: Storytelling: Storytelling section (with links to many resources) of David Gurteen’s Gurteen Knowledge Website, a resource for the Gurteen Knowledge Community — a global learning community of 17,000+ people in 160 countries.
  • The Halo and the Noose: Resource for business storytellers.
  • History Factory: Heritage management firm that helps today’s leading global corporations, organizations and institutions discover, preserve and leverage their unique history to meet business challenges.
  • Innovation Story Studio: Creates real-world laboratories where organizations can design, prototype, and test new models for delivering value. BIF’s mission is to enable business model and system level innovation in areas of high social impact, including health care, education, energy, and entrepreneurship.
  • International Storytelling Center: Organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering people across the world to accomplish goals and make a difference by discovering, capturing, and sharing their stories.
  • Just Story It: Site of practitioner Karen Dietz, PhD., who works with leaders and executive teams who want to find and tell their compelling stories, enroll people in their vision, and move them to action. Karen participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Leadership Story Lab: Esther Choy’s consultancy that teaches storytelling to institutional and individual clients who are searching for ways to more meaningful ways to connect with their audiences.
  • Organizational-development firm, led by author/speaker Terrence Gargiulo, specializing in using stories to galvanize organizations. Terrence participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Molly Catron: Site of storyteller, keynote speaker, and change agent Molly Catron, who participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Only Human Communication: Uses creative approaches to help organisations and groups improve how they are seen, understood and valued: both inside and out.
  • NASA’s ASK (Academy Sharing Knowledge): Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL)’s knowledge-sharing strategies that emphasize the power of telling stories through forums and publications to help create a community of practitioners who are reflective and geared toward sharing.
  • Pelerei: Madelyn Blair founded Pelerei, Inc. in 1988 to provide innovative management solutions to help organizations transform themselves. Madelyn participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • ReallyGreatStories: Course (by Steven Spalding) for creative people learning to market products in a way they can be proud of.
  • Roger Edward Jones: Consultancy that helps leaders “harness the hidden ROI of Storytelling.
  • Seth Kahan: Helps leaders get change right, creating traction and engagement for new ideas and better ways of working.
  • Seven Story Learning: The consultancy of Andrew Nemiccolo, who helps professionals communicate more effectively through stories.
  • SOAR: Significant Orientations, Amazing Results: Consultancy of Mary-Alice, New Zealand’s leading narrative practitioner. At the heart of her work is the practice of recognising, working with and transforming the personal and group stories, conversations and inquiries that impact on success.
  • Spoke: Agency of Andrew Melville, a recognised leader and specialist in the science of storytelling.
  • Steve Denning: Author, speaker, and organizational-storytelling pioneer Steve Denning on business and organizational storytelling, as well as radical management.
  • The Story Doctor: Consultancy of Moya Sayer-Jones: “Making stories better.”
  • The Storytellers: Firm that uses storytelling in business to make change happen.
  • Story — Storytelling — Business — Research: Kevin Brooks’s collection of links that represent a sampling of professionals, writers, researchers, and organizations that are furthering the investigation and application of story in business and other organizational contexts.
  • Story at Work/Golden Fleece: International community of practice devoted to storytelling in business and organizations.
  • Storytelling Bean Counter: All about narrating the financial story behind the numbers for small business.
  • Storytelling — It’s News: Articles that describe various uses of storytelling and business,
  • Storytelling in Organizations A special interest group of the national Storytelling Network, Storytelling in Organizations SIG brings narrative insights onto the contemporary business scene by documenting and promoting the constructive role and widespread importance of storytelling in corporate, non-profit, small business, education, and other settings.
  • Storytelling in Organizations section of Links to storytelling content.
  • Storytelling Organization Institute: Provider of workshops for consultants, their clients and reserachers.
  • Storytelling Power: Offers a plethora of free articles for anyone who wants to use the power of storytelling at home, at work, and in the community.
  • Storytelling: Passport to the 21st Century: Organizational-storytelling content from the early part of the first decade of the 21st century.
  • The Storytelling Studio for Business: The business branch of Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater International, a speaking, training and consulting company.
  • Strategic Narrative: Dr. Amy Zalman’s consultancy to advance the practice of narrative to solve complex problems among people, cultures and organizations.
  • Success Stories: Margaret Parkin’s consulting firm that “specialise[s] in helping individuals, teams and organisations realise business success, enhance growth and bring vision and values to life.” Margaret participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • True Story Communication: Site of practitioner Julie Wickert, who provides story-based marketing writing.
  • Watershed Stories: Boutique communications firm that specializes in using story for learning, engagement and change.
  • Working with Stories: Cynthia Kutz’s free online book, an informational resource for people who want to get started working with stories on a small scale in their communities and organizations. Cynthia participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.

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