Links to Blogs that Relate to Storytelling

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  • 365 Stories in a Year: Lee Pound posts a new story every day.
  • Anecdote: Superb blog of the Australian agency Anecdote.
  • The Art of Storytelling: A multimedia platform from CLM Visuals.
  • A Storied Perspective — Bill Baker’s Blog: The blog of Bill Baker, of BB&Co Strategic Storytelling.
  • Audience-Centric Storytelling by Bobby Rettew: Blog about storytelling, business, high-definition video production, new media, social media, web development, and community building.
  • Blogim Stori (Storytelling Blog): Meant to encourage discussion on storytelling and various aspects such as culture, language, literacy, methodology and awareness.
  • Brain Pickings: Maria Popova’s blog “about curating interestingness — picking culture’s collective brain for tidbits of stuff that inspires, revolutionizes, or simply makes us think. It’s about innovation and authenticity and all those other things that have become fluff phrases but don’t have to be.” Not strictly about storytelling but sometimes touches on the subject.
  • Brand Story: Rob Marsh’s thoughts about branding, marketing strategy, design, and copywriting.
  • Bringing Brands to Life: New media communication tips and strategies from Thomas Clifford, a participant in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Business Life Stories Blog about entrepreneurs, startups, small-businesses, solo-practitioners, investors, and philanthropists. “Why I Love What I Do” is a center-piece in
  • Casey Hibbard’s Stories that Sell: Companion blog to the book of the same name, described as “the complete guide to success-story marketing.” Casey Hibbard participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Center for Narrative Coaching: Blog of narrative coaching expert David Drake.
  • Change of Perspective The blog of Mary Daniels Brown, PhD, in part about this premise: “The same event narrated from two different perspectives will produce two different stories.”
  • Confessions of an Aca-Fan: Blog of Henry Jenkins, expert on transmedia storytelling.
  • Corporate Storyteller: The blog of Carol Mon, participant in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Corporate Storytelling with James Frey: About using narrative to draw in audiences to hear about your business or organization.
  • David Willows: Fragments: A storytelling approach to life and work. Blog of David Willows, participant in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • The Depictionist: An exploration of personal and professional storytelling through narrative branding.
  • The Digital Narrative: Amazing new media narratives, news about teaching digital story writing and much more.
  • Digital Storyteller: Blog of F.R. “Fritz” Nordengren, digital storyteller in health care education.
  • Digital Storytelling: The Home of eFolklore: Karen E. Smith’s link to useful digital storytelling/video poetry resources.
  • Ditchwalk: Storytelling in the Digital Age: Mark Barrett’s blog that aims to understand and pursue the craft, art and business of storytelling in the digital age.
  • Documentary Storytelling Blog: Creating nonfiction on screen.
  • EllouiseStory: Videos and conversation about storytelling. Catching the stories in our lives, from Ellouise Schoetler
  • Emma Sota: Tells the story of writer Emma Wilhelm.
  • Epic Change: Diary of an experiment in social entrepreneurship.
  • Eureka Stories: Learning through the art of storytelling. By Todor Proykov.
  • Ex Fabula: Connecting storytellers with live audiences.
  • Food Curated: Blog based on the premise that all good food has a story. A mix of video and text posts.
  • Gimli Goose Kim (Valgardson) Zinke’s blog, tagline: “Your storytelling curator — helping you discover ways to find and tell your story your way.”
  • Harriet’s Story Blog: No description available.
  • Ben Hoare Author Ben Hoare blogs about storytelling and autobiography, among other topics.
  • I am User Generated: Ideas and innovation in a socially networked world.
  • Inside Stories: Paul VanDeCarr’s blog and podcast about the many forms of storytelling — from journalism to genealogy to psychology to film to literature to walking tours, and more.
  • In the Republic of Stories: Paul Costello’s narrative analysis of US politics and culture.
  • Ishmael’s Corner: Storytelling through a business prism from Lou Hoffman.
  • Jontus Media: Blog of Jon Buscall, a participant in the A Storied Career Q&A series.
  • The Journey of Story: Andy Dolph’s musings and helpful information on story and storytelling in a variety of contexts that range from personal to business to teaching.
  • Karen Chace: Catch the Story Bug: Dedicated to Storytelling: The ancient art of Oral Tradition.
  • Keeping it real… keeping it relative: Blog of Jacqueline Christodoulou, a psychologist and writer from Manchester, England with a doctorate in identity construction.
  • The Knowledge Management and Storytelling Blog: Yigal Chamish’s observations on organizations, knowledge and stories.
  • Laurence Vincent: Musings about strategy and a life in brand narrative.
  • Life in First Person: Helping folks discover, shape, and live their legacies — personally and professionally.
  • LitDrift: Storytelling in the 21st century.
  • Mode2Design: Notes on visual problem-solving by Dean Meyers.
  • Moon Over Martinborough: Tells the story of “an expat American city boy … on 20 acres and an olive grove in New Zealand.”
  • Narrative: Richard Gilbert’s blog focusing on reading, writing, and teaching narrative nonfiction.
  • Narrative Assets: Telling the Story: The impact of art, science and technology on brand communications and marketing (Karen Hegmann).
  • Narrative by B. E. Berger Barbara Berger’s blog about “Sharing the world through characters, settings and plots.”
  • Narrative Now: Siobhan O’Flynn’s blog about the design of narratives in interactive environments, including screen-based works, in situ installations, online social networking sites, cross-platform projects, and interactive short films.
  • Other Than That: Blog of Cathy Brooks.
  • Partum Intelligendo: Generating understanding. Narrative, complexity and communications — changing organizations by understanding them. Understanding cultures and spaces. Revealing emergent patterns in large volumes of qualitative data. Spotting the outliers and weak signals of impending changes. By Tony Quinlan.
  • Pop Anthropology: Devoted to Brand Storytelling and the business of culture creation. (Archive; no longer updated)
  • People’s District: Stories and Images of Washington, DC.
  • Post Advertising: Chronicles of storytelling, advertising, marketing and branding campaigns in the post-advertising age.
  • Secondhand Storytime: “Sometimes a story is so interesting, so outlandish, or just so plain entertaining that people need to retell it.”
  • Seeing Your Story: A blog by Ron Blau about how to see — in your mind’s eye — and then shape the stories you want to tell visually on the Web.
  • Six Word Story Every Day: Collaboration between Van Horgen, writer, and Anne Ulku, designer — a [6-word] storytelling exploration through language and typography posted every day in 2010.
  • Small Business Storyteller The blog of Doug Rice, founder of Small Business Storyteller, an Internet marketing company dedicated to helping independent professionals develop their personal and professional brands via the Web.
  • Small Business Storytelling Project: A project of Living Story, the creative counseling and coaching practice of Juliet Bruce, Ph.D.
  • The Small Story: Blog about the lives of everyday people in Massachusetts — the challenges they face, the celebrations they make, and the communities they like to call home.
  • Spoke Blog: The blog of Andrew Melville, a recognised leader and specialist in the science of storytelling.
  • Stories Connect. Love Heals Blog by Charles R. Hale, an “archaeologist piecing together ancestral shards. I am an historian, mapping my ancestors’ spirits and emotions with words.”
  • Stories Everywhere: “Adventures in narrative archeology and location-based storytelling.”
  • Stories for Change: Mary Alice Arthur’s blog: “I’m looking for which stories meet me and which are evoked along the way. I’m interested in the stories we don’t see and those we choose. I’m interested in the power of questions and what happens when we choose a powerful question to pursue.”
  • Stories of Hope and Resilience: Blog that uses new media and storytelling/”wellness” in indigenous communities.
  • Storyati Blog: Jim Signorelli’s blog about Storybranding: Creating standout brands through the power of story.
  • StoryCentral Digital: Transmedia storytelling, 360 vision, fragmented interaction, and pervasive media.
  • Story Colored Glasses: Cynthia Kutz’s thoughtful blog on organizational and community narrative. Cynthia participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • The Story Farm: Capturing the essence of the Heartland through creative documentary storytelling.
  • StoryFirst: Blog of the Story First Group, which tells visual stories for business.
  • Storyfountain blog: A blog by Richard House about communication and storytelling.
  • StoryMatters: Excellent blog by Terrence Gargiulo, participant in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Story of Design: Shares how to extract the stories that drive problem-solving for designers; interviews with designers, design thinkers, and entrepreneurs; how to’s that demonstrate various parts of the design process, and more.
  • Story Route: Cathryn Wellner’s blog that explores personal stories, stories organizations tell, even some stories countries tell. Cathryn participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • StorytellERdoc: Blog of an ER physician.
  • Storyteller’s Campfire Blog:The blog of Bob Kanegis, founder of Tales & Trails Storytelling and executive director of Future WAVE-Working For Alternatives to Violence Through Entertainment: “I am deeply involved with storytelling not only as a profession but also as a way of life and seeing the world.”
  • Storyteller Uprising: Hanson Hosein’s blog about the “uprising” — people seizing control of communication by building ongoing credible connection through story and digital technology.
  • Storytelling Category of Marketing Interactions: Ardath Albee’s thoughts on storytelling in marketing. Ardath participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Storytelling category of Servant of Chaos: Gavin Heaton’s entries about storytelling.
  • Storytelling in All Its Forms: Roman Martel’s blog, primarily about fictional forms of storytelling — in films, TV, music, etc.
  • Storytelling to Create Impact Brands: Storytelling To Create Impact Brands is a site dedicated to the discussion of branding, marketing and sales using the power of storytelling.’s blogdedicated to the discussion of branding, marketing and sales using the power of storytelling.
  • STOry that Matters: Marylou Wakefield’s blog: “I work with people in organizations to discover and develop stories that lie beneath the surface — narratives that advance strategic objectives, build brands and strengthen connections to customers and communities.”
  • Story Travelers: A tribe of concious-travel-enthusiasts with a shared passion for storytelling/narrative talents with understanding how a contempory story is told and retold.
  • Storytelling Walls: An artist, Eduardo Pineda, shares his work and creative process.
  • Storytelling, a Fiction Weblog: Rosina Lippi/Sara Donati author blog
  • Studio of Matthew Cline: Matthew Cline’s blog that discusses storytelling in photography.
  • Succeed with Success Stories: A blog by Nemeth Consulting, wich focuses on content marketing or content strategy.
  • Sue James: Stories, reflections, and journeys.
  • Susan O’Halloran: Eponymous blog/site of Susan O’Halloran, who uses storytelling to foster diversity and racial justice.
  • Teaching Will: The Shakespeare Club: Mel Ryane’s blog that tells the stories of public-school children, and their adventures with me in an after-school Shakespeare program.
  • Telling Stories: Blog about storytelling by Penelope Starr, participant in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • The Chief Storyteller’s Blog: Blog of the business of the same name, led by Ira Koretsky.
  • Think Talk Walk: “Brain-spaghetti” of storyteller, writer, coach Natalie Shell.
  • This Eclectic Life: “Like sitting on the front porch having a conversation with friends” by “sassy Texas storyteller” Shelly Tucker.
  • Thoughts from the Compost: Blog of ghostwriter Kim Pearson, a participant in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Using Technology to Tell Stories: A place for sharing ideas and projects.
  • UX Storytellers: Collecting and publishing stories out of the life of IA-, UX- and IxD professionals.
  • What’s Your Story?: Gregg Morris’s extremely timely curation of storytelling content. Gregg participated in A Storied Career’s Q&A series.
  • Ztoryteller: Stories, storytelling, media, and authenticity by Owen Richard Kindig.

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