Applied Storytelling

A Storied Career explores intersections/synthesis among various forms of Applied Storytelling:

  • journaling
  • blogging
  • organizational storytelling
  • storytelling for identity construction
  • storytelling in social media
  • storytelling for job search and career advancement.
  • … and more.

A Storied Career’s scope is intended to appeal to folks fascinated by all sorts of traditional and postmodern uses of storytelling.

A Storied Career enjoys growing readership, a Google Page Rank of 6, and consistent ranking among the top 15 blogs in Widgetbox’s Business Network.

A Storied Career features a popular Q&A series about Story Practitioners, and pages listing Story Events, quotes about stories and storytelling (Story Wisdom), uses of storytelling in branding, marketing, and advertising (Story Log), and books and other writings of and about storytelling (Story Writings).

Tell_me_Cover.jpgA Storied Career is also home to a “blog within a blog, Tell Me About Yourself.

Future projects for A Storied Career include an essay explaining the blog’s philosophy, an Applied Storytelling Glossary, and blog carnivals.

Testimonials about A Storied Career:

Your story blog is the meatiest, most resource-ful place I’ve seen for gathering information about stories. Although our [Good Stories for Good Learning] project focuses only on stories with educational “morals,” I’m still personally fascinated by other kinds, and every day your site opens up new avenues of exploration for me.

- Phil Venditti, Tacoma, WA



Your blog is a real inspiration…

- Michael Margolis, Brand Storyteller, Thirsty-Fish



I think story telling is inspirational in building lasting customer experiences and culture. and your blog gives great insight.

- Syamant Sandhir



Kathy Hansen, Ph.D., and recent author of a wonderful book, Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling to Get Jobs and Propel Your Career maintains the best blog on the Internet for anything to do with story.

— Terrence Gargiulo



… like a free online course in applied storytelling. … I’m trying to make the nordic storytelling movement adopt a somewhat broader perspective on what storytelling can be, and your blog is pefectly suited for that.

— Ulf Arnstrom,



A Storied Career is part of the Empowering Sites family of sites.

To learn more, make a suggestion, or say hello, e-mail Kathy Hansen.

2 thoughts on “Applied Storytelling

  1. Kathy,
    I am so happy to have come across your website. I am a speech language pathologist but am becoming increasingly interested in the field of applied storytelling an the work of story or narrative practitioners. I would love to learn more about training opportunities. I found a 3 day program in Washington D.C. that would train one to become a narrative practitioner at Center for Narrative Studies. I have contacted this organization but they have not yet got back to me. Can you direct me to other programs, ideally short term residencies (I have a full time job and a family but would be willing to travel for short periods) or academic programs/MA programs (Narratology?) in Northern California? Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time on your website.


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