How Would You Fix This Story?

Lead with Story author Paul Smith has a nifty recent post in which he presents a story a client submitted to him for improvement suggestions. Paul offers his suggestions, but he also invited some of the luminaries of the applied-story world to give theirs. David Hutchens, Andrew Nemiccolo, and Annette Simmons … Continue reading

If Only We Had Listened: An Assessment and Broad Overview of the Status And Scope of Narrative Practice

Graham Williams and Dorian Haarhoff of The Halo and the Noose are offering an article, “If Only We Had Listened: An Assessment and Broad Overview of the Status And Scope of Narrative Practice,” and submit this note for readers: “We share Theodore Levitt’s belief that “…a colourful and lightly documented affirmation works better than the … Continue reading

Doug Rice Launches #StoryChat on Twitter

Colleague Doug Rice (see my Q and A with him here) is initiating “a Twitter chat centered around the story concept in business, art, and life” — #StoryChat. He’ll feature “copywriters, screenwriters, novelists, photographers, storytellers, and many other professionals and interesting people who use story as a platform for what … Continue reading

More About Lead with a Story

For readers interested in the new book by this week’s Q and A subject Paul Smith, here’s a press release from the publisher. I got a copy of the book myself yesterday, but since I’m not very good at following through with book reviews (slow reader), I’m providing this background: … Continue reading

New Finds in Organizational Storytelling

Today’s rollout of finds that will eventually end up on an inside page is in the category of Links to Organizational Storytelling Resources. These links mostly represent organizational-storytelling practitioners and sites/blogs about organizational storytelling. History Factory: Heritage management firm that helps today’s leading global corporations, organizations and institutions discover, preserve … Continue reading