New Finds: Blogs about Storytelling

Links to Blogs that Relate to Storytelling 365 Stories in a Year: Lee Pound posts a new story every day. A Storied Perspective — Bill Baker’s Blog: The blog of Bill Baker, of BB&Co Strategic Storytelling. The Depictionist: An exploration of personal and professional storytelling through narrative branding. Food Curated: … Continue reading

10 Intriguing Storytelling Blog Posts

Lou Hoffman, president and CEO of The Hoffman Agency, writes about storytelling as seen through a business prism in his blog Ishmael’s Corner. He has identified his top 10 storytelling-related blog posts of 2009 in two parts: Part I Part II

Two New Story Blogs for the New Year

Two new story blogs emerged in the waning months of 2009, produced by story folks I highly admire and respect: Story Route, published by Cathryn Wellner, features entries in such categories as business narrative, organizational storytelling, personal narratives, poems, social myths, and storytelling quotations. Cathryn writes: “Join me on the … Continue reading

Categorizing and Appreciating the Narrative Web

Reader Raf Stevens’s challenge to me to present examples of good storytelling had the interesting effect of getting me thinking about categories of storytelling that one can access on the Internet. Here’s the list so far: Digital/video storytelling Live storytelling performance, captured on video Live storytelling performance, captured on audio … Continue reading