On My Way Back …

After an absence that began in late September 2012, I am making my way back to this blog … in some fashion. You’ll notice a bit of a re-design and a switch to the WordPress platform from Movable Type. Movable Type may be good enough for President Obama, but I’ve … Continue reading


You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting much recently. That’s partly because of my Summer Burst of Creativity. As happened last year, I found myself drawn to doing creative projects with my hands, which I have to do mostly in the summer because the messy parts need to be done … Continue reading

My Sunrise Bike-Ride Story

One of my occasional forays into my own story … Early on in our residence in Kettle Falls, WA, I realized that we have more hours of daylight here than anywhere I’ve lived before because of how far north we are. We’re roughly at the 49th parallel. Looking at a … Continue reading

Free Story Power Teleseminar Today

Sally (pictured) and Ray Strackbein offer a free teleseminar, 5 Steps to Story Building, this evening (May 29). Here’s a description: What’s the one thing effective speakers have in common? They tell powerful stories. That’s what makes their presentations pop. What do ineffective speakers have in common? They tell no … Continue reading