I maintain three curations about storytelling on

The first, Organizational Storytelling actually relates to broader subject matter than just storytelling in organizations. It curates the latest thought leadership on organizational storytelling, business narrative, career/job-search storytelling, and other forms of applied storytelling. See a preview in the widget below:

The second is my curation of Personal Storytelling, including lifewriting, memoir, journaling, life story, personal history, life narrative, and narrative identity theory content. You can see the curation here or in the widget embedded below. In the spirit of my Personal Storytelling curation, I encourage you to check out a very good TED talk on the power of personal narrative in which Robert Tercek talks about society’s emergence from 60-some years of being consumers — of stories chosen for us and fed to us, mostly by television — to a more democratic model in which we can all choose to tell stories not just in support of buying stuff (a la commercial TV) but to change the world.

The third curation serves as an ongoing magazine about 2012’s Reinvention Summit 2, led by Michael Margolis. The Reinvention 2 curation on features participants in Reinvention Summit 2, as well as the continuing storytelling energy the event generated.



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