Story Prompts Derived from Data

In a blog entry back in the spring, Tony Hirst suggested some interesting story prompts that spring from data. For example, map-based journey: “Given a trail, what can you tell about the journey that was taken and what happened on that journey?” Hirst asks. This notion happened to resonate with … Continue reading

Story Prompts Meet Social Media

I’ve seen plenty of Web sites that offer story prompts. In fact, I keep intending to create a Story Prompts section on A Storied Career. But Plinky is the first story-prompt site I’ve seen that combines story prompts with social media. In fact, Plinky doesn’t frame its prompts as prompts … Continue reading

Following Up on Some Recent Entries

Sometimes commenters to this blog share information that readers probably would like to know about but might miss because comments are a bit obscure on this blog. Others e-mail me with share-worthy information. Here are a few morsels about recent entries: Barbara Ann Kipfer, author of 4,000 Questions For Getting … Continue reading

Waiting in Line? Try Cultivating Stories

I’m belatedly reading one of the classics of the storytelling world (especially personal storytelling), Storycatcher by fellow Washington resident Christina Baldwin. Early in the book, she tells this tale: Attending a conference in California not long ago, I found myself standing in a line waiting to buy fancy coffee. One … Continue reading