Creating a Culture of Storytelling

Steve Denning published a blog entry last month on an important but often overlooked topic in organizational storytelling — how to create a culture of storytelling within the organization. He offers six steps for doing so. Though grounded in Denning’s earlier work in storytelling, the steps seem very much tied … Continue reading

Update: Audio, Slides, Blog Reflections from Storytelling Weekend

Steve Denning reports that audio recordings of Friday’s Smithsonian symposium Storytelling to re-invent the workplace are now available. Also available are audio excerpts from Thursday night’s introduction to organization storytelling by Svend-Erik Engh and Thaler Pekar: here and here. Thaler has published her reflections on the weekend here.

The State of Organizational Storytelling

On the eve of this year’s storytelling weekend in Washington, DC, conference leader and business-narrative pioneer Steve Denning received a critical question from a blog reader: “Why have you abandoned storytelling?” Denning quotes the full question in blog entry: “Why have you in the last eighteen or so months allowed … Continue reading