Three Interesting Story Prompts

Whether we are storytellers, story practitioners, journalers, writers, bloggers, memoirists, or just folks seeking personal growth and self-actualization, we can always use good story prompts for inspiration. Here are three I liked that I came across recently: Tell the story of the most inspiring, influential storyteller you’ve known. This one … Continue reading

Stories in the Eye of the Beholder

Sometimes when I see art or photography described as great storytelling, I wonder if I’m supposed to see a really obvious story that everyone else sees. More fruitful, I think, is to imagine one’s own story to go with each image. There’s plenty of fodder in two sets of photos … Continue reading

Name Badges Can Offer Story Prompts

Anecdote, the Australian story-based consultancy, offered a neat idea in its latest newsletter — using name badges as story prompts. Suggesting this activity as an icebreaker for folks meeting the first time or that don’t know each other well, Anecdote instructs: Ask everyone to write something interesting or quirky about … Continue reading

A Rich Source for Story Prompts

The Story Ideas Virtuoso is Deb Gallardo. Her site offers story ideas and writing prompts for creative and fiction writers, but many of them can work for brainstorming memoirs or as a foundation for group story-based activities. For example, Gallardo suggests the Innocent Bystander idea in which: You overhear a … Continue reading

Story Prompts for Transmitting Values

Dr. Paul White recently wrote at length about using stories to transfer values from one family member to another (he wrote the post over the Christmas holidays, suggesting that period as a particularly good time to undertake this values transfer.) Eventually White concludes: An excellent way to share important principles … Continue reading