A “Stroke of Insight” Story

The World’s Greatest Yoga Instructor, Emma Tranter, turned me onto this fascinating video presentation, from “TED,” Technology, Entertainment, Design, which “started (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Taylor tells an amazing story that takes on special meaning because of her role as a neuroanatomist. … Continue reading

Storytelling and Dream Interpretation

How can storytelling help you interpret your dreams? A new piece of research by Teresa DeCicco reveals a technique. In her article, “What is the Story Telling? Examining Discovery with the Storytelling Method (TSM) and Testing with a Control Group,” in the academic journal Dreaming, DeCicco notes that her research … Continue reading

More Evidence for Our Storied Brains

Researcher Nicole Speer conducted an experiment to see if humans are physiologically disposed to break down activities into narratives. Excerpts from an article describing the research: As expected, activity in certain areas of the brain increased at the points that subjects had identified as the beginning or end of a … Continue reading

Confabulation Is Normal

A fascinating article in New Scientist by Helen Phillips focused on “confabluation,” a tendency for folks in older age to “develop amnesia about recent happenings while retaining memory of their younger days.” Wrote Phillips: “Until fairly recently it was seen simply as a neurological deficiency – a sign of something … Continue reading