Will You Take the 12-Week Story-Blogging Challenge?

Michael Margolis has proclaimed a 12-week story blogging challenge for himself and has invited others to join him. He’s challenged himself in conjunction with his Social Media Jedi Program, which launched last week. The challenge is to blog at least weekly.

In the comments to his entry announcing the challenge, I said:

Great idea, Michael. How do you define “story blogging” and how does it align with “personal musing[s], stream of consciousness idea[s]?” (He had used the terms “personal musing, stream of consciousness idea” to describe what he would be doing during the challenge.)

Michael used my comments as the jumping-off point for a subsequent blog entry elaborating on what he meant by “story blogging.” Here are some excerpts:

For me story is more than just performance/telling/anecdotes. Story is about relationship; who am I; where do I belong; what is mine to do?

Story blogging is about bringing people into one’s world through conversation and dialogue. It begins by seeking to map, explore, and understand convergence and context. I stand at the unique intersection of many worlds. I’ll be sharing many of these musings and reflections in real time.

Story blogging. There’s a quick recipe I’m playing with:

  1. Passion – this is the fuel and motivation that lights the fire. If it doesn’t excite me and give me energy, how I can possibly expect to do the same for you?
  2. Perspective – point of view is what gives it all distinctive flavor. The same reason why FOX NEWS and MSNBC are succeeding, and CNN is flailing.
  3. Relevance – discussing issues, questions, and challenges that others can relate to – that’s what makes the whole meal easy to digest, puts a smile on people’s faces, and encourages people to come back.
  4. Nourishment – is what I’m trying to create through my story blogging. Provide meaningful, playful, and generative contribution into readers’ lives.

Michael also says he’ll clarify some of the principles of story blogging during the 12-week challenge.

Since my personal mandate is to blog daily, blogging weekly isn’t much of a challenge for me. But I could challenge myself during this time to “story blog.”

How about you? Will you take the challenge?