… And Rakontu, Too …

Posting this on behalf of Cynthia Kurtz, who had technical difficulty posting a comment (and I, too, had trouble posting it in comment form, so I made it into a regular blog posting) — and she’s right that my list should have included Rakontu in today’s post:

Great list, Kathy.

May I mention Rakontu as a web
storytelling tool? It’s different from those you’ve listed because (a)
it’s open source and adaptable, (b) it’s for small groups, and (c) its
purpose is not just to share stories but also to work with stories
to build new understandings and achieve common goals. It
also incorporates lessons I’ve learned while helping groups work with
many thousands of collected stories to gain insights and resolve
problems over the past ten years. For people who want to do
with their stories, Rakontu is worth looking at. (If I may
say so myself 🙂

As always, love getting the news from your blog!