An Up-Close Look at How the Story Box Project Works

I’ve previously mentioned THE STORY BOX PROJECT, but you might not have a good feel for how it works just by reading its own site and THE STORY BOX PROJECT global publishing and sharing Ning group.

Limor Shiponi has chronicled her experience with THE STORY BOX PROJECT both on the Ning group, starting here


and on her own blog, Limor’s Storytelling Agora, starting here (also the source of the photo shown here).

Here are a few brief excerpts:

Several years ago I asked Kevin Cordi for the StoryBox to arrive to Israel. Several years later, here it is. … I was overwhelmed by my own excitement when the box arrived. … I got to school early, some of the kids spotted me carrying the box, “but I thought it would be special” they said. “This is just the cover you are seeing, wait for the bell,” I replied.