Another Awesome Entry in a Banner Year for Applied Storytelling Books

Back here after almost a week’s vacay from the blog ….

Not sure how I missed that Sharlene Sones’s book, Storyworks was, well, in the works, but it will be out in September, and a preview chapter is available for download now.

I will soon be conducting a Q and A with Sharlene (of Brandstoria) focused on the gorgeously designed book.

I’m excited about the book because Sharlene includes “career” among the entities that storytelling can advance. I love the straightforwardness of this partial lineup of chapters:


  • WINS

Storyworks joins a stellar lineup of books published this year in the applied-storytelling realm. Here’s where I’ve mentioned them:

Others have been released in 2012 that I’ve acknowledged only by including them in my books widget at the bottom of the page:

  • The Mess Inside: Narrative, Emotion, and the Mind, by Peter Goldie
  • Your Story Matters You Matter: A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story (Volume 1), by Angela Schaefers
  • The story of a kiss: Storytelling in organizational change, by Suzanne Tesselaar
  • The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, by Jonathan Gottschall

I’ve probably even left some out. What 2012 applied-storytelling releases am I forgetting?