Another Option for Mastering Story Delivery: Acting Class

Here’s the latest entry in my (unintentionally) ongoing series on how to learn and master a story so your oral delivery of it sounds natural.

Heather Summerhayes Cariou, author of the acclaimed memoir about her sister, Sixtyfive Roses, responded to the most recent entry in this series, writing:

As a former professional actor, I would suggest that storytellers find a local acting class and attend it. What they might learn there will help immensely in terms of oral storytelling — and even reading their work aloud.

Cariou noted that she’ll be teaching “Presenting and Promoting Your Work” this summer at the 33rd International Writing Guild Conference at Brown University, the first week of August and that the workshop will include instruction in how to read aloud.

5 thoughts on “Another Option for Mastering Story Delivery: Acting Class

  1. Heather brings such vibrant enthusiasm, infectious energy, and conscientious professionalism to her workshops. Writers and storytellers alike would do well to attend the IWWG conference and her class. She’s wonderful!
    Sharing the same sky,

  2. I was lucky to listen to, meet and receive coaching from Heather last week at Story Circle Network’s conference in Austin. She is amazing!

  3. Judy and Dorothy: Thanks so much for stopping by to share praise for Heather’s workshops. You’ve certainly made me interested in trying one.

  4. Hello Katherine,

    Heather Cariou is without a doubt the most dynamic speaker I have heard in years. Her workshop at SCN had everyone engaged and writing their hearts out.

  5. Thanks for joining the chorus of praise of Heather. I will definitely have to hear her speak.

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