Blog Action Day’s Stunning Participation Includes Heads of State

I’m delighted to have participated in yesterday’s Blog Action Day 09 (thanks to guest writer Cathryn Wellner), joining 13,222 blogs from 155 countries with more than 17 million readers. Also blogging were the governments of the United Kingdom and Spain along with The White House.

From a roundup post toward the close of the event:

For the past day bloggers in 155 countries across six continents have written about a single issue that impacts us all, and turned BAD09 into one of the largest social change events ever held on the web.

Your participation helped change the conversation and showed the power of the web to connect people across the world who despite their varied backgrounds have one shared desire: to make a difference. According to blogpulse, we increased the number of posts about climate change on a given day by about 500%, and CNN wrote a great article covering the excitement and diversity of today’s event across the web and around the world. … We are about to hit 27,000 total trackable blog posts, and our current estimate is that together we reached at least 17 million people today. We are also about to exceed 12,000 registered bloggers on the site …