A Plethora of Tips for Better Storytelling

Back in the spring, M. Amedeo Tumolillo, a.k.a., Flying Flashlight, published lists of storytelling tips by three well-known storytellers, the late novelist Kurt Vonnegut, playwright David Mamet, and screenwriter/screenwriting teacher Robert McKee. While the authors of these tips work(ed) primarily in the fiction realm, these tips work equally well for … Continue reading

A List Too Great Not to Reprint

In an exuberant blog entry called The Chemistry of Storytelling, Marguerite Grant has created an inspiring list that answers the question, “Why story?” We don’t just buy a product, we buy the story behind it. We don’t just join a company, we join because of its story. We don’t just … Continue reading

Pet-Loss Stories Sought

Robin Souers (who happens to be my sister) is writing an article or perhaps a series of articles on pet loss and grief. She’s seeking stories that are more than just facts. “I’m especially interested in the thoughts and feelings people experience when they lose a pet and how they … Continue reading