Two Cool Ways that SXSW Got Storied

Someday I’d like to attend the South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference in Austin. In the meantime, it’s nice that the conference gets comprehensively covered in clever ways with strong story elements. Here are two that caught my eye this year: Storify: Storify, the tool that helps users tell stories … Continue reading

Connecting Creativity and Storytelling

I’ve been interested in the relationship between creativity and storytelling since I began my experimental foray into crafts this past summer. I further explored the connection in a discussion with Annette Simmons related to her new interest in painting. I was thus recently interested in an interview Michael Margolis did … Continue reading

A Favorite Easter Story

Updating an Easter post from three years ago … “Padre,” the Rev. R. Craig Burlington, our rector at St. George’s Episcopal Church when we lived in Maplewood, NJ, told a wonderful story in his Easter sermon one year. Here it is as best I can remember: During Holy Week, the … Continue reading