Connecting Creativity and Storytelling

I’ve been interested in the relationship between creativity and storytelling since I began my experimental foray into crafts this past summer. I further explored the connection in a discussion with Annette Simmons related to her new interest in painting. I was thus recently interested in an interview Michael Margolis did … Continue reading

A Favorite Easter Story

Updating an Easter post from three years ago … “Padre,” the Rev. R. Craig Burlington, our rector at St. George’s Episcopal Church when we lived in Maplewood, NJ, told a wonderful story in his Easter sermon one year. Here it is as best I can remember: During Holy Week, the … Continue reading

Many a Truth is Spoken in Fiction

Fiction is not atop my interests here on A Storied Career, but today, I’m dipping into two fiction-based story projects that have implications for storytelling outside fiction. Both of these are also mashups of fiction and social media. Erik Hare has launched a fiction project called Mythnology, which he explains … Continue reading