Determined to Recruit Even More Folks to Storytelling Weekend

I am very psyched that I actually recruited someone — my new virtual friend Craig DeLarge — to attend all three days of International Storytelling Weekend in DC.

Maybe continued buzz from the organizers will help. From Steve Denning:

This year, the Storytelling Weekend at the Smithsonian and the 4H Center is
about a different way of communicating about work, a different way of looking at work, a different way of thinking about work, a different way of managing, a different way of leading. It’s not too much to say that we are talking about a profound mental revolution. This is a passionate effort to create a better workplace.

Like to find out more? Listen to Noa Baum, one of the speakers for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, discuss the upcoming weekend.

Denning also interviewed Gerry Lantz, who is speaking during Saturday (April 18) Golden Fleece portion of the weekend, and Hollywood mogul and storytelling guru Peter Guber, who is speaking at the Friday (April 17) event.