A Classic: Famed “Story” Resumes

While I’m working on finalizing my e-book, Storied Careers and preparing for hosting a teleseminar a week from today, I’m republishing an updated “classic” entry from the first year of A Storied Career. These two examples of “story resumes” never fail to make me smile.

Alexandre Gueniot explains that he created his animated, musical resume in 2004, had a huge response from it, and accepted a job at Microsoft as a result of it. I suspect the words fit the music better in Gueniot’s native French (and the French version also is available), but it’s really well done and shows a great sense of humor. It’s certainly one prototype of a “story” resume. It’s unquestionably a resume that tells a story.

Here’s another one of a different ilk that equally shows a great sense of humor.