On My Way Back …

After an absence that began in late September 2012, I am making my way back to this blog … in some fashion.

You’ll notice a bit of a re-design and a switch to the WordPress platform from Movable Type. Movable Type may be good enough for President Obama, but I’ve never found it intuitive or terribly easy to work with, and the commenting function has never worked properly.

I removed a lot of clutter from my sidebar and now have more navigation in the nav bar at the top of the page.

You’ll probably notice a few glitches, broken images, and broken links as I make the transition.

This is the third launch of A Storied Career. I launched the blog in 2005 and blogged infrequently. I re-launched with a redesign almost exactly five years ago and committed to blogging 7 days a week, a pledge I kept up with for at least four years.

I don’t yet have a clear vision for the focus of this relaunch (other than the WordPress switch/redesign). Here’s my current thinking:

  • A major focus will be my storytelling-related curations. I’ll call your attention to current thought-leadership and activity in the applied-storytelling world.
  • I will blog to announce timely applied-storytelling events.
  • When I come across an especially outstanding applied-storytelling resource that deserves more attention than a listing in the curations, I’ll tell you about it.
  • When I have time and the spirit moves me, I’ll writer longer, more analytical pieces that synthesize current thinking in the field.

Thrilled to be coming back. I’d love to know what you’d like to see.