Online Storytelling Festival Aug. 1-3 Strengthens and Honors the Human Family

The 10th JustStories Festival on Aug. 1 – 3 takes place on Facebook. Events are scheduled roughly an hour apart throughout the days of the festival. Attendees can visit the festival’s Facebook page to watch the videos, participate in live chats with featured storytellers, and gain access to other resources and materials on the subject of race relations, social justice, and storytelling.

Go here to read a FAQ about the event.

More about what the festival is all about, as stated on the Facebook page:

The JustStories Storytelling Festival is devoted to strengthening and honoring the human family.

Through the talents and art of many professional storytellers we will tell original stories about race relations, ethnic identity struggle and pride.

We will laugh and cry about the continuing “dance” between outsiders and insiders.

We will seek to build bridges across our divides.

We will seek to connect with those who are different than ourselves.

We will celebrate through our personal and universal stories the human gifts of cooperation and understanding.

The JustStories Storytelling project is an initiative that brings together diverse professional storytellers to develop, write and perform stories that deal with ethnic identity, race relations and dealing with differences. This project seeks to use storytelling as a tool to bring together the races, bridge differences and increase understanding and cooperation.

This project also includes a JustStories Fellowship that supports professional storytellers in developing, writing and readying for performance their own original story about race relations, belonging and inclusive themes.

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