Pitch Wizard Helps You Write Quick Elevator Pitch

Here’s kind of a nifty tool if you’d like the beginnings of a “pitch” to sell yourself to employers or clients. In my book, Tell Me About Yourself, I argue that the best elevator pitches are supported by a story. Still, the Pitch Wizard at 15-Second Pitch provides an easy way to begin a pitch. First, it has you list your name, title, and contact info.

Next, you fill in these blanks with very short phrases:

I am a(n)… (e.g., “superhero”)

specializing in… (e.g., “saving the world”)

Then, you write a single sentence that specifically describes what you do and provides insight into both your approach and the type of value you deliver.

Next, you write a single sentence that describes why you are the best at what you do, such as a technique you’ve developed, your specific experience, or even your personality that sets you apart. What makes you so special?

Finally, you write a single sentence that describes your call to action – what you want people to do as a result of hearing your pitch.

The Pitch Wizard then puts it all together for you.

Of course, you don’t need the Pitch Wizard to do the same thing on your own, but it’s still a nice tool.

I would add that one more step is to develop a story that exemplifies what you do best, as described beginning here.