Q and A with a Story Guru: Kimberly Burnham: Start Telling a Different Story When Someone Asks, ‘How Are You?’

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Q&A with Kimberly Burnham, Question 2:

Q: What is the framework or your particular definition of “story?” What definition do you espouse?

A: Stories can change, even the story our physical body is telling, sometimes shouting.

I work with clients clinically. I have a PhD in integrative medicine and am certified in integrative manual therapy, matrix energetics, and health coaching. The people I work with don’t like the story their body is telling. They want a new experience of the physical particles making up their joints, muscles, heart, and brain.

The body’s story is constantly evolving. If you look at a person they look more or less the same from one moment to the next but they are not the same. At each point of transition in time, the story can change. Even at a bony level the cells of our skeleton are completely different when compared to seven years ago. Our skin cells are completely different from a few weeks ago. So why do we look more or less the same?

Because the story our cells are telling is the same, the environment they are born into is the same, the experiences and level of communication they attain are the same with access to the same resources and voice.

Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

If you want a different experience of your joints, of brain clarity, of vibrancy, start telling a different story when someone asks, “How are you?” Change your environment, the food you feed your cells, the oxygen you draw into your lungs, your blood flow pumping through your heart on its way to the liver, to the brain, to the spine. Change something if you don’t like what you have.