Q&A with a Story Guru: Andrée Iffrig Q&A, Part 4

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Q&A with Andrée Iffrig, Question 5:

Q: In several places, you describe an activity called Storytelling Dice, which “generates a rich compilation of stories in a short time.” What other benefits are there to this activity? What are some situations especially well suited to Storytelling Dice?

A: I have just returned from a conference where participants played Storytelling Dice. Participants came from the disability services sector; they have heavy caseloads, low rates of pay, and few opportunities for connecting. They told me that the game is one they can take back into their workplaces to play with employees who report to them, or who are peers. They foresee using the game on a periodic basis to improve working relationships.

They also reported that they were affirmed by the storytelling process. Our society does not value the professionals who care for people with developmental disabilities. Playing Storytelling Dice reminded them of their value and also contributed to reviving the dream of service each of them originally brought into their work.