Q&A with a Story Guru: Susan Luke, Part 3

See a photo of Susan, a link to her bio, Part 1 of this Q&A, and Part 2.

Q&A with Susan Luke (Question 3):

Q: The storytelling movement seems to be growing explosively. Why now? What is it about this moment in human history and culture that makes storytelling so resonant with so many people right now?

A: Why now, indeed? Stories have been used since the beginning of time, in one form or another for one very important reason — they are universal and speak to our humanity. This moment in
our history is significant because, as a planet, we are in a place we never imagined and we yearn for comfort, understanding, reason, and most of all HOPE. Stories give us all of that and more, allowing us to reflect on the past, imagine the future, and accept the changes brought about by the challenges of today.

Much continues to be said about the ability of President Obama to speak and relate to all levels of people. It is my belief that he does that as much through his “orastory” as through his intense focus, extensive research, organizational ability, and presentation skills as anything. In my experience, leaders who are as good at shaping and using stories as they are at collecting and analyzing data, have a much easier time guiding the behaviors and decision making necessary for a healthy, forward-thinking organization. We are our stories, and now is the moment we are recognizing that and sharing who we are with others in our increasingly shrinking world.