Slideshow Conveys Fabled Design Message

Update: I’m a little rusty about posting to this blog after my 5-month hiatus and forget that when I embed things like slideshows and videos, email subscribers can’t see them. In addition, yesterday, I found something else inexplicably running in the space where the slideshow should be. Bottom line: It’s always a good idea to include the URL of a slideshow or video in my posts. Click here for the slideshow referenced in this post if you can’t see it below.

I’m always on the lookout for elegant slideshow presentations that are not text-heavy but can stand on their own without narration.


One that’s attained some recent buzz is the one below, which uses story to convey its message. “The Great Eye Learns to See” is described as a “fable about using design to help your audience see your message clearly. And what to avoid. For directors, designers, instructional designers, and presenters.”

Although the story appears as text, it is unobtrusively at the bottom of the screen, kind of like closed-captioning.

The images and graphics are lovely, and the slideshow gets its point access. Ultimately it’s a pitch for its designer’s book, but the journey to the pitch is engaging. The book also looks intriguing.