Stories of Woman Suffrage Sought

The Sewall-Belmont House & Museum, which maintains an extensive collection of suffrage banners, archives and artifacts documenting the continuing effort by women and men of all races, religions and backgrounds to win voting rights and equality for women under the law, educates the public on the history of the National Woman’s Party (NWP) and its fight for suffrage.

I’ve always felt drawn to the history of the National Woman’s Party because its founder, Alice Paul, lived in my hometown, Moorestown, NJ.

The facility seeks to raise awareness about women’s suffrage by convening online conversations. “We want to start with your story,” the Sewall-Belmont sites states.

“Why is woman suffrage important to you? Why will you vote this year? Who are the women (past and present) who inspire you to vote? What do you think women should know about the NWP and how will that move them to vote in 2012?”

The facility will collect stories in the following formats:
•Blog post — around 300 words with a photo or video from you
•Video — 1-2 minutes long, and something we can post to YouTube
•Facebook — an image and a few sentences or paragraph we can share on our Facebook page
•Twitterview — an interview on Twitter where you will chat with Sewall-Belmont staff and others for 30 minutes, sharing your story and learning from others, to be hosted on Thursdays in the afternoon”

Your contribution will first, help raise awareness about the brave women who worked to advance women’s rights; and second, by sharing your story, you will add your voice to the conversation we convene here to inspire the ongoing quest for women’s equality.

You can direct questions to Elisabeth Crum at 202.546.1210 ext. 17 or

Share Your Story. Save HerStory.