Storytelling Twitterthon on Labor Day: Everybody Has a Story … What’s Yours?

Cathie Dodd, one of the subjects of my Q&A series is trying a storytelling Twitterthon on Monday, September 7, Labor Day in the US, from 6:00 am – 9:00 pm PDT.

You can RSVP and see more info here on Facebook. Looks like you need to friend Cathie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter to participate.

Here’s how she describes it:

This is an experiment I want to do with all my contacts on Facebook and Twitter. I am creating a storytelling Twitterthon. It will be all day Monday. Since most of you are off of work, maybe you can stop by tweet on twitter and tell us a short story about yourself.

This is how it works. Put in the hash tag before your tweet : #TOJStory and then with the rest of the 140 characters share one story, or a number of stories about yourself.

For those who take part in the twitterthon, I will be printing all the replies on my website next week. I will post the link in my group. You can also read the stories submitted by searching the hash tag on Twitter

For those unfamiliar with hash tags just remember that before you write in the twitter box, you write #TOJStory to be considered part of the Twitterthon.

Cathie Dodd AKA twitter name: @Tearsofjoy