U. of Glamorgan Storytelling Center Offers Science-and-Storytelling “Provocations”

I’m not very good at updating the inside pages on this blog, such as my Events page, so I blew it when it came to publicizing a spring symposium on storytelling and science at the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff, Wales.

But the Centre is offering audio recordings of three “provocations” from the symposium. I’m not familiar with the term “provocations” in this context, but they sound intriguing. They’re given by Mark Brake, Dr Steve Killick, and Prof Hamish Fyfe, offering what the centre calls “a fascinating range of perspectives on the role of story and narrative in various fields from science fiction studies to child psychology.”

Even better, the provocations join lots of other great materials — “a wealth of resources including documentation of our previous papers and symposia, digital stories and show-reels, and suggested reading lists and further information” in the newly updated documents and downloads section of the centre’s website.