UK Storytelling Tool, Bloombla, Combines Social-Media Features

Bloombla (I personally find that hard to say) is a free storytelling tool that helps folks collect, manage, and share life experiences.

Bloombla offers a status-update/tweet-like feature, a box that beings with “I’ve …” The user fills in the rest of the “Bloom” with anything from the trivial to the profound. This Bloom box feature makes Bloombla like both Facebook and Twitter.

Users also have a Bloom Page, analogous to a profile page on other social-media sites. On your Bloom Page, you can write longer stories with photos (akin to the Notes feature on Facebook or similar to importing a blog entry). On your page, you can also compare your Blooms (status updates) to what other users are “Blooming,” thus discovering common interests. One peculiar aspect of the profile page is that when you enter your birthdate, you are given only a 10-year window, from 1975-1985, for birth years. Is this Bloombla’s statement about the age range of preferred users? In some ways I’m happy that I’m only 33 on Bloombla, but will folks buy it looking at my photo?

Of course, a major objective is to build a network of connections on Bloombla, and you can also import Facebook friends. When you add connections on Bloobla, you are said to be following their lives.

And their stories, of course.