You’ll Affirm the Wisdom of Investing in Reinvention Summit 2 When You Experience Mini-Conference-Preview

I’ve told you the last Reinvention Summit was amazing.

I’ve shared with you this year’s jaw-dropping lineup from the storytelling firmament.

I’ve mentioned the deals — that buying a ticket is like getting half price because you actually get two tickets for the price of one. If you have an enterprise of your own to promote, you could give your extra ticket away in a contest, as Casey Hibbard did. The other deal is that you can pay for your ticket in two installments — and still get the 2-for-1 deal.

And, finally, I’ve noted that you get all kinds of awesome extras with your ticket.

If you’re not yet convinced that Reinvention Summit 2 is a worthwhile investment in yourself and your business, a set of free bite-size presentations from 7 storytelling experts that are part of next week’s Reinvention Summit just might. “It’s like speed-dating for storytelling ideas and insights,” says summit founder Michael Margolis.

Find this menu of summit appetizers here:

  • Oren Klaff on How to Pitch Anything — 4:57 MIN
  • Rohit Bharghava on How to Reinvent Marketing — 16:37 MIN
  • Bo Eason on Your Personal Story Power — 7:09 MIN
  • Jonah Sachs on Social Change Storytelling — 18:41 MIN
  • Marie Forleo on How to Reinvent Yourself — 2:33 MIN
  • Robert Tercek on how to reclaim the Power of Personal Narrative — 16:38 MIN
  • Michael Margolis on how to Tell your Story Online – 5:45 MIN

Just a few days left; Reinvention Summit 2 starts Monday, April 16. Invest in yourself today.

Reinvention Summit 2