Anthology of Millennials’ Stories Documents Lost Generation’s Quest for Answers

Neal Gorenflo, co-founder Shareable Magazine, a nonprofit online magazine about sharing, and Malcolm Harris, senior editor of the New Inquiry, have just released Share or Die, an anthology with stories by recent graduates and twenty-something experimenters “who are finding (and sharing) their own answers to negotiating the new economic order.” Because the nonprofit Shareable … Continue reading

Integrating Story into Online Learning

Cross-posted in my blog about online teaching.. A major reason that I’ve been delinquent in getting A Storied Career back on track is that I have been trying to build a new career in online teaching. Here’s a post that combines my passion for applied storytelling with my emerging … Continue reading

How Would You Fix This Story?

Lead with Story author Paul Smith has a nifty recent post in which he presents a story a client submitted to him for improvement suggestions. Paul offers his suggestions, but he also invited some of the luminaries of the applied-story world to give theirs. David Hutchens, Andrew Nemiccolo, and Annette Simmons … Continue reading

Healing-Story e-Journal Seeks Submissions

DIVING IN THE MOON JOURNAL WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! The Healing Story Alliance journal, Diving in the Moon: Honoring Story, Facilitating Healing, will now be designed as an e-journal that will be published online on the Healing Story Alliance journal Web site by or before fall 2013. The theme for the first online … Continue reading

If Only We Had Listened: An Assessment and Broad Overview of the Status And Scope of Narrative Practice

Graham Williams and Dorian Haarhoff of The Halo and the Noose are offering an article, “If Only We Had Listened: An Assessment and Broad Overview of the Status And Scope of Narrative Practice,” and submit this note for readers: “We share Theodore Levitt’s belief that “…a colourful and lightly documented affirmation works better than the … Continue reading