New Finds in Storytelling Platforms, Prompts, and Tools

Today begins a rollout of finds that will eventually land on my inside pages (even as I place on inside pages the finds I listed last July).

Today’s list belongs to the category Links to Storytelling Platforms, Prompts, and Tools

This article, A Plethora of Writing Prompts for Creative Writing and Journaling offers links to numerous tools and writing prompts.

    • 750 Words: The idea is that can getting into the habit of writing three pages a day will help clear your mind and get the ideas flowing for the rest of the day.
    • 1000 Memories: A way to organize, share and discover the old photos and memories family and friends.
    • Cowbird: A small community of storytellers, sharing heartfelt, personal stories.
    • Dear Photograph: Submitters take a snapshot — usually one featuring one or more people and dating from the film-photography era — and hold it up against the original setting so that past and present blend into a new work of art. They also write a brief piece about the work. (Description courtesy of TIME magazine.)
    • History Pin: A way for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share small glimpses of the past and to build up the huge story of human history.
    • Ideo Labs Exquisite Corpse Experiment: The folks at Ideo Labs asked a group of collaborators to submit sentences/fragments to create a dynamic visualization for the “exquisite” story its writers had crafted. These collective fragments formed a base on which they layered sensory artifacts, from voice-over to tagged visuals.

    • ImaStory: Free website that allows users to create a story they can share with their friends and their family, a story that can be kept private or broadcast to the world.
    • Insyde Story: Allows users to discover, create and share threads of videos, recordings, music, images and text inspired by the world around you. Location matters and Insyde Story provides a narrative space for you to connect and inform others about the people, place and stories that are important to you.
    • Life Biography: Users are provided questions and an online template for writing an autobiography. Fee-based
    • Live On: Web application helps users share important moments, while keeping those memories alive and safe for future generations to enjoy tomorrow. Offers interesting promise “to keep everything you upload to LiveOn forever, and we’ll do everything in our power to keep that promise!” Most features are free.
    • loggel: A free lifelog community, using the innovative format of The Lifelog.
    • National Short Story Day: Site for UK national day, celebrated on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Site encourages consumption of short stories.
    • Save Every Step: Enables users to save and share personal family stories on a timeline. Basic service free; fees for additional storage space.
    • Singly: Gallery of apps that automatically gather users’ photos, friends, check-ins, and links from a ton of services and “make them into something new.” Brings your social media accounts in one place.
    • Slidestory: Free app to make slide presentations with narration and share them on the Internet. Note: Does not work on Macs.

  • Small Demons: Collects and catalogs the millions of references to real-world and fictional music, movies, people, and objects that are found in literature and provides a place — a Storyverse — where users can draw meaningful connections between stories and everyday life. (Description courtesy of Cool Hunting.)
  • The Social Voice Project: Uses audiography to capture, preserve, share, and celebrate expressions of the social condition.
  • Storie: A simple Web browser plug-in that lets you right-click on any picture you find on the Web and add it directly to your stories.
  • Storyful: Storybuilding app that lets users build a story using tweets, videos, and images.
  • Storyseeking: Combines the elements of a good short story with the thrill of a treasure hunt. Requires smartphone or tablet with GPS.
  • Story Tree: Helps users preserve your precious family memories and share them with the ones they love.
  • Twine: App that lets users organize a story graphically with a map that they can re-arrange as they work. Links automatically appear on the map as they are added to passages, and passages with broken links are apparent at a glance.
  • World Memory Project: Allows the public to help make the records from the US Holocuast Memorial Museum searchable by name online for free — so more families of survivors and victims can discover what happened to their loved ones during one of the darkest chapters in human history. Anyone, anywhere can contribute to this effort; even just one record and a few minutes.