I Have Succumbed to Pinterest!

Visual Storytelling and Art Journaling image curations As you probably know, Pinterest is the hottest social-media platform going, having grown phenomenally in the last few months. Users describe it as addictive. “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web,” the site states. “People … Continue reading

Two More Freebies for Lifewriters

In his final offering of November’s National Lifewriting Month, Denis Ledoux offered the downloadable Scheduling for Success, a guide to keeping one’s writing projects on track. Strictly speaking, the guide works for any writer, not just lifewriters. Meanwhile, Annabel Candy is offering the free, downloadable e-booklet, Personal Writing Magic. The … Continue reading

Lessons of “The Life Reports”

Here’s one more followup on New York Times columnist David Brooks’s project to collect stories from folks older than 70, a series he’s calling “The Life Report” … Brooks has synthesized the lessons offered by the life stories/essays he received: Divide your life into chapters. Beware rumination. You can’t control … Continue reading

Free Download Helps Analyze Book Audience

Denis Ledoux has been offering loads of free goodies for November’s National Life Writing Month. The latest is a free download, Who Will Read Your Book?. The guide includes a detailed form that enables authors to truly understand whom they’re writing for. Ledoux’s own audience is lifewriters/memoirists, but the handout … Continue reading