New Finds in Journaling, Memoir-Writing, and Personal Storytelling

Continuing my rollout of finds that will eventually land on my inside pages (even as I place on inside pages the finds I listed last July).

Today’s list belongs to the category Links about Journaling, Memoir-Writing, and Personal Storytelling

    • Beyond the Trees: Brainchild of two Cincinnati women with stories of their own to tell who support the idea that each life event or transition calls out to be remembered and documented before it is forgotten.

    • Every Life Has a Story: Roben-Marie Smith’s site about mixed-media art, handmade journals, and scrapbooking, offering video tutorials, step by step how-to’s, give-aways and workshops.
    • Life Biography: Users are provided questions and an online template for writing an autobiography. Fee-based
    • Site of Hella Buchheim, whose company, Personal Histories, gives voice to people who had a story to tell. Personal Histories works with people who want to write their own stories.

    • Live On: Web application helps users share important moments, while keeping those memories alive and safe for future generations to enjoy tomorrow. Offers interesting promise “to keep everything you upload to LiveOn forever, and we’ll do everything in our power to keep that promise!” Most features are free.
    • Oxford Center for Life Writing: Home of life-writing at Oxford University and beyond; founded to bring together a rich variety of approaches to the writing and study of life-stories and encourage those who write biography, memoir, and those who undertake research on life-narratives.
    • Save Every Step: Enables users to save and share personal family stories on a timeline. Basic service free; fees for additional storage space.
    • The Social Voice Project: Uses audiography to capture, preserve, share, and celebrate expressions of the social condition.
    • Story Preservation Initiative: The initiative’s mission is to create and make available to the general public a diverse collection of oral histories of people who have exhibited a talent, passion, commitment, or way of living that has served to enrich the human experience. The sole function of the collection is to serve as an educational, historical, and cultural resource.
  • Story Tree: Helps users preserve your precious family memories and share them with the ones they love.
  • Timesketch: Provides unique and customized experiences to individuals and corporations through the venue of memoir writing and legacy development. Presumably fee-based, but no information given.
  • True Stories Well Told: Personal historian Sarah White’s place for people who read and write about real life.
  • Write My Memoirs 2.0: Free system that makes it easy for people to start recording their memoirs and stories about their families.