You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting much recently.

That’s partly because of my Summer Burst of Creativity. As happened last year, I found myself drawn to doing creative projects with my hands, which I have to do mostly in the summer because the messy parts need to be done outdoors, and it will soon be too cold and snowy.

But I’ve also been wrestling anew with the same conundrum readers have heard me talk about a number of times before — devoting a lot of time to a blog and curation practice I feel passionately about but that produces virtually no revenue. Most story practitioners I know make at least a partial living from their story practices; I don’t.

Starting a week from today, Oct. 1, I’m taking a sabbatical from the blog for at least a month. I’ll also suspend my curations on I have a book to write (You Are More Accomplished Than You Think) and one to compile (100 Storied Careers: Story Practitioners Talk about Applied Storytelling, the second edition of my previous compilation).

After that, I plan to put an all-out effort into getting an online-teaching job. Teaching is another of my great passions, and I’m constantly bemoaning the fact that I can’t get a teaching job, but the truth is, I haven’t tried very hard.

During this sabbatical time, I’ll still post here from time to time as the spirit moves me.

The kicker is that I may never return to my story/curation/blogging practice with full strength. It’s time to reassess and consider moving on, no matter how much I love this practice and you, my readers.