Paying Homage 7 Years into This Blog

This blog started seven years ago on May 12. It’s one of a few anniversaries I mark on the blog because I was a pretty sporadic blogger for the first three years.

But this weekend, I’m looking at some of these milestones. Early on, and from time to time, I’ve referenced Reader’s Digest as one of the major influences on my passion for story.

The magazine and its site ran a nice contest recently in which readers were asked to tell their life stories in 150 words. Now, to me, that’s a much more reasonable word count for a life story than Smith Magazine’s 6-word memoirs.

Some of the stories in this collection of the top 13 stories are not really stories by purist definitions, but some are, and they’re all compelling and though-provoking.

It’s just nice to think about my roots as I reflect on the seven years of A Storied Career.