Free Story Power Teleseminar Today

Sally (pictured) and Ray Strackbein offer a free teleseminar, 5 Steps to Story Building, this evening (May 29).

Here’s a description:

What’s the one thing effective speakers have in
common? They tell powerful stories. That’s
what makes their presentations pop.

What do ineffective speakers have in common?

  • They tell no stories
  • They tell other people’s stories
  • They tell irrelevant jokes

Telling your own stories demonstrates your
expertise and effectiveness while making your
presentation engaging and easy to remember. Telling
your own stories puts you on the fast track to
getting the results you want every time you present.

How would you like to learn how you can add
your own powerful stories to your presentation?
Dial into our teleseminar.

We’ll give you ideas and tips
on how you can start creating your own powerful
stories to delight your audiences and get results.

Join us May 29, Tuesday evening at

  • 8 PM Eastern time
  • 7 PM Central
  • 6 PM Mountain
  • 5 PM Pacific

Click here to register for this teleseminar. Information at this Facebook page.