Q and A with a Story Guru: Roben-Marie Smith: “Points of Two” Project Soars

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Q&A with Roben-Marie Smith, Question 2:

Q: What has been your favorite or most meaningful story-related project or initiative and why?

A: “Points of Two” was a year-long weekly project that I did with fellow artist Kira Harding. We approached each week based on a different theme, prompt, or art supply.

Kira and I are very different in age, geography, lifestyle, and stage of life, which made for a diverse juxtaposition in our viewpoints. This diversity was illustrated from the very beginning with our first prompt — “where I live,” which featured sand and beaches for me and fresh snow for Kira.

This project pushed me into new territory as we took turns choosing the weekly prompt. Kira often chose things that were outside of my comfort zone. She pushed me to use more words, to become more vulnerable and to share more openly. The response was overwhelmingly positive as my readers identified with my emotions.

The week that garnered the greatest response was “how to be a miserable artist.” Our project resulted in a treasured thick art journal that was featured in both Art Journaling and Somerset Digital Studio magazines.