Update on 100 Storied Careers

Last summer, I announced plans for a complete revision of my Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practitioners Talk about Applied Storytelling ebook when I hit 100 Q and As.

I hit that mark and thought the revised book would be out in the fall. But life happens, and I have a tendency to take on too many projects.

In addition, I needed to contact the 100 practitioners with whom I’ve done Q&As to get permission to excerpt their responses in the new book. I even engaged the services of a crackerjack virtual assistant to line up those permissions. But 33 story practitioners still haven’t responded. I’m just now at the point where I can follow up with those I still haven’t heard from.

I think I learned my lesson about promising the book at a specific time, but I promise it will be available just as soon as I can make it so.

The updated book has been retitled 100 Storied Careers. In addition to other formats, I plan to format the book for Kindle since demand seems to be so great for that format (all formats except Kindle will be free; Amazon does not permit free Kindle books except at certain times. I will give the Kindle version the lowest price Amazon allows, which is $2.99).

If you’d like to be notified when 100 Storied Careers is ready, Email me, and I’ll put you on the notification list. Please also contact me if you’re one of the Q&A subjects, and you still haven’t given permission.