Counting Down (or is it Up?) to 100 Q and As

Do you want to be included in an ebook compilation of story practitioners?

I’ve been writing some posts in the last few days that mark the seventh anniversary of A Storied Career.

A popular feature I began in September 2008 has provided much of the meat and potatoes of the blog since then — my Q&A series with story practitioners.

I’ve published 95 of them to date. Sometime in the next few months, the Q&A roster will hit 100.

I compiled the first 43 or so into Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practitioners Talk about Applied Storytelling.

When I hit 100, I plan a complete revision of the ebook, which will be retitled 100 Storied Careers (or possibly 100+, depending on what happens). In addition to other formats, I plan to format the book for Kindle since demand seems to be so great for that format (all formats except Kindle will be free; Amazon does not permit free Kindle books except at certain times).

Of the practitioners who committed to Q&As in 2012, about 7 are still out there (in some cases, respondents’ deadlines have not yet been reached). A couple of others are awaiting their sets of questions from me so their responses can tie in with summer book releases. I’m hoping also to receive my first “do-over” set of responses — from a former Q&A subject whose life and business have changed dramatically since he first did his Q&A. Of course, many more were promised to me in previous years that never came through, but all are still welcome.

After I reach 100 Q&As, I will likely continue to publish them; however, I probably won’t solicit them from practitioners quite as aggressively as I have in the past. Time to move on to adding new features.

If you have ever committed to a Q&A for this blog, or if you haven’t but would like to, now is your chance to be included in the book 100 Storied Careers. Only those I receive that fall (roughly) into this group of 100 will be included in the book. Email me to let me know you plan to complete the questions you’ve already received or that you’d like to participate in a Q&A.